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Ned Finance is all things finance for DeFi, one platform for all uses cases in DeFi. From easy crypto management, to investments, payments and savings.

DeFi should not be hard to process but some of the conceptos and actions involved are not easy to process to good percentage of users, using Ned Finance we remove the barrier enabling same solutions in an easy way to process.

Our story

Ned Finance started as an idea to enable payments in the physical world using blockchain. Current payment processors charges around 2-5% and takes time to deliver the money to the bank accounts. While building the solution in a non decentralized way we thought that there is a better way to do this and do not sacrifice the integrity of DeFi so we decided to move to a different approach and embrace DeFi as our roots.

How DeFi and CeFi works in Ned Finance

Ned Finance is not involved on any CeFi activity at all on any of its products or services for users. To continue on our roots, we enable for businesses a way to withdraw their crypto and convert it to fiat through our partners, following the requeriments of every country where we operate, leaving them the choice of activating or continue fully DeFi. You can learn more about how the process of withdrawing works on Businesses section.

Long term vision

The financial system and all concepts related to them are not an easy thing, as more complex products and services appears in DeFi we will continue to work on processing them to make them easy to understand for users, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the whole world of DeFi while respecting their privacy.

We will never save, share or expose information from our users to any entity and we will always help our users to get more from DeFi to boost their personal finances.