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Ned features keeps growing over time, here is the list of the features:


  • List tokens
  • View price of each token
  • View price of each token in any supported currency
  • Buy tokens through our partners
  • Receive notifications when receiving tokens
  • Create as many wallets as needed in the supported blockchains
  • Scan QR to read wallet addresses
  • Import wallets from mnemonic phrases and private keys


  • Transfer tokens in the same blockchain
  • Transfer NFTs in the same blockchain
  • List transactions
  • Swap tokens
  • Request a transfer
  • View token details


  • View all NFTs grouped
  • List/Delist NFTs to Magic Eden
  • Send NFTs to other wallet
  • View unique holders and floor price supported collections
  • View full detailes of an NFT


  • Create/update/delete vaults
  • Deposit crypto in vaults
  • Withdraw crypto from vaults
  • Enable earnings in vaults
  • Enable spare change feature in vaults


  • View all NED funds
  • View all detailes of a fund
  • Buy a position in a fund
  • Sell fund's position


  • Send messages to other Ned wallets
  • Send and request tokens inside a chat
  • Send plain messages and gif images powered by Giphy
  • Save contacts


  • Interact with any dapp of the blockchain wallet ecosystem
  • Approve transactions
  • Sign transactions
  • Sign messages


  • Select preferred currency
  • Set what messages to see (contacts or everybody)
  • Contact management
  • Trusted dapps
  • Enable auto-confirm for trusted dapps
  • Enable biometric to access
  • Change your pin
  • Export wallet sensitive information (requires pin)